Onyeka Obi, PhD


GitHub: https://github.com/MavenRain

Objective: Senior SDE
Focus: Meta Engineering (Health, stability, and availability of services), Cloud Infrastructure Templating, Gossip-Protocol-based Algorithms
Education: PhD, Mathematics, The University of Pittsburgh (2010)

Technology Coverage



C, C++, Rust, Kotlin, Scala, HCL (Terraform)


C#, F#, Powershell, Node.js, JavaScript, Objective-C


Bash Script, Swift, Solidity, Go, Python, Chef Ruby, Ivy, Bitcoin Script



Win32, .NET, Objective-C Runtime, Java Native Interface, Open Database Connectivity, Mach, Foundation, Component Object Model (COM), Cocoa Touch, Core Foundation, Windows Runtime, Universal Windows Platform, C++ Standard Library, C Standard Library, Standard Template Library, POSIX, Azure WebJobs, Azure Blob Storage, AWS EC2, AWS VPC, AWS Lambda


Docker Machine, Docker Compose, ASP.NET MVC, Java Class Library, Express.js, HTML DOM, Cocoa, MonoTouch, Mono, Windows Media Foundation, Azure DocumentDB Storage


Docker Swarm, Azure Queue Storage, Azure Table Storage, Azure Web API, Azure Functions, AWS S3, Spring Boot, Windows Driver Framework, BSD, Cosmos, Trill


Git, Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio Online, Test Authoring and Execution Framework (TAEF), Mono.Cecil, Hyper-V, VirtualBox, .NET Compiler Infrastructure, ReSharper, Microsoft Excel, WinDbg, ProcDump, ProcMon, xperf, WACK, WHCK, ILSpy, JIRA, Splunk

Project History (Selected Projects)

Expedia (May 2016 - Present): Highly multithreaded lodging pricing and routing engine support

  • Traffic management for lodging pricing (Port of Entry)
  • Feature development for the next generation lodging pricing engine (LPAS)
  • Feature development and bug fixes for the core lodging routing and pricing service (Atlantis)
  • Build, lab/fenced deployment, and production release monitoring for ten release cycles (Atlantis)
  • Support and maintenance on the primary health check, deployment, and remediation service for Atlantis (Eos/HARM/Event257CheckBot/AutoBounce)
  • Extensive Windows-native HTTP REST communication via WinHTTP (Atlantis)

Paradime/ReTip (January 2016 - August 2016): Full-stack iOS mobile application development

  • Linux-based virtual machine construction of data caching servers
  • Service-Oriented Architecture in development for data caching
  • Converted Xamarin.iOS C# app to Swift app
  • Abstracted UIKit to C/C++ with an Objective-C bridge within Swift app (see Crassus)

Microsoft (August 2014 - October 2015): Development of a fully automated cloud-based quality assurance framework for third-party applications for the Windows Store Platform

  • Used Azure Queue and Storage triggers to activate subsequent operations in an Azure automation pipeline
  • Involved significant re-writing of .NET IL code via Mono.Cecil
  • Heavy usage was made of Azure Storage components (blobs and message queues)
  • Worked extensively with TFS's C# API
  • Used Microsoft's COM accessibiliy API to perform UI scripting
  • Extensive usage and code review of PayPal SDK with the PayPal Team
  • Extensive usage and code review of Facebook SDK with the Facebook SDK group

Tradewinds Capital Management (June 2011 - January 2014): A combination of the following - Quantitative verification of trading strategies, development of tax-minimizing rebalancing strategies, retirement income and asset projections, calculation of equitable division of concurrent estates, pattern recognition and transfer of quantitative information from unstructured data sources, real option calculations for tender offers

  • Used VBA in combination with an OCR library to convert unstructured data into structured form

Wealthmark LLC (September 2011 - February 2012): Development of quantitative equivalents of combined inflation/economic indicator heuristics for portfolio rebalancing

Western Washington Center for Economic and Business Research (October 2010 - March 2012): All of the following - Longitudinal parametric analysis of border traffic and county price index statistics, large-scale correlation analysis of business revenue data from the Department of Revenue, theoretical analysis of "Buy Local" hypothesis with transaction costs

  • Partial differential equations written to describe the trade-off between local utility and transportation/storage costs

University of Pittsburgh Department of Mathematics (August 2006 - May 2010): Development of mutational calculus with accompanying SDK for application to modeling of distally metastatic diffusions of tumors with co-option of surrounding vasculature

University of Pittsburgh Department of Mathematics (August 2006 - May 2010): Online crawler for discovery of topologically non-trivial structures within naturally occuring biomolecules

Basic Qualifications

10+ years C++

10+ years C

5+ years C#

5+ years computer engineering industry experience

5+ years software development experience

5+ years large-scale systems

BS in computer science related field (Applied Mathematics)

PhD in computer science related field (Mathematics)